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About the book

Dream Muscle Coffee was written to help you contextualize your life’s pain so you could step into your purpose with power and capitalize on your ideas so you could accomplish your dreams.  If you’ve struggled with finding yourself or your motivation, then this book is for you.  Dream Muscle Coffee was birthed out of the pain of a friend leaving me with 300 pounds of coffee beans.  I didn’t know what to do with it and I found myself complaining about the inconvenience.  A idea one early morning changed my entire life for the better: to create a coffee products to compliment those who were health and wellness enthusiasts.  I share my story in hopes that you may take action on your dreams and goals; holding your ideas captive until completion. You will learn how to property increase your mental capacity, courage and faith. It's my belief that you are one idea away from your destiny! If I can do it, you can to.

Dream muscle coffee / oct. 20

They say life is the best teacher, I believe your dreams are the best teacher. Your dreams automatically demand discipline because you have to grow to adhere to the responsibilities that your dream requires. If you’re not willing to give up your life for a better life – you’re not worthy of the success you desire.

“A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die for is not fit to live.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr. 

There’s no doubt that you were created to dream big. However, life’s struggles get in the way of your dreams. You are the greatest miracle that the world has not seen nor heard. A guy once told me, ‘the greatest discovery in life is self-discovery.”

I decided to write this short book to share my story of how I started Dream Muscle Coffee to inspire you towards your greatest level of success. My goal is to inspire you towards the execution of your ideas. Researchers say, 71,000 thoughts travel through our minds daily and many of you have forfeited great ideas because of the lack of belief that it could become a reality. Some of the greatest ideas are still alive today; the automobile, the light bulb, chairs, windows, airplanes, etc. They all started as an idea that was executed by an individual or a group of people. It’s my belief that an idea is the only entity when in motion- cannot be killed. 

We’ve all been dealt different hands in life and we are responsible for how we play our hands. Whatever your situation is, I believe deep down in my heart that you were created for greatness; to succeed at the highest level. You were created to dream big and move courageously towards your dreams and goals. 

I hope you will make up your mind to permanently eliminate the excuses from your current reality and to move forward and dream beyond your wildest dreams. No Excuses! You are one idea away from destiny!